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Infiniti, an InterVision Company, provides you with the most progressive and innovative minds combined with a commitment to respectful and friendly collaboration.
We put people first — whether they be our customers, our communities, our partners or our employees.

We’re proud of our customer’s success and our role in helping them succeed. We share in their struggles and celebrate their successes. Just as a rising tide raises all boats, every member of a project makes key contributions to a project’s success. We are known for delivering large scale results in technology and change management, while still being known as an easy, fun group to work with.

We think the smartest person in the room should also be the most humble. By deeply listening we appreciate the subtleties involved in the lifecycle and growth of your organization. Collaboration is in our DNA.

We take our commitment to raising all boats out into our communities, too. From our employee matching donation program to volunteering in our communities, Infiniti encourages our employees to live a life rich in authentic engagement.

Our reputation in Sacramento is our hallmark. It’s what allows us to attract and retain the best and brightest employees and partners. And, it’s what has allowed us to continue to grow our company and our long list of satisfied clients. Putting the customer first is an approach and belief that every Infiniti employee shares.

"Our commitment to successful outcomes for our clients is the root of Infiniti’s corporate culture. Sometimes it’s as simple as ensuring our clients and their staff feel a sense of confidence that we’re committed to their success and delivering on our promises."

- Scott Sanders, Infiniti CEO


We enjoy solving problems and helping you meet your goals. By immersing ourselves in your organization, we develop ingenious ways to deliver results in a cost and time effective way. Your Infiniti team applies its expertise, the latest technology and methods to creatively work through your most difficult challenges. We do this by applying our agile services competencies, software defined networking, AWS cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service (SaaS) or any combination of all these things in an integrated strategy. We also put measures in place to optimize uptime and performance of your system, while ensuring the highest levels of security.


Let our experts be a part of your in-house team. Our highly trained and experienced AWS solution architects, DevOps engineers, project management professionals (PMPs), business analysts, enterprise architects, trainers, and technical specialists are all committed to your organization’s success. Our clear and articulated approach to development and execution has made us successful leaders in business, technology and cloud solutions for organizations big and small. Our deep technology knowledge allows us to customize a solution to meet your objectives — on time and on budget.

We understand that when you hire us we have a responsibility to deliver results. Infiniti staff are committed to helping their clients achieve their goals and to complete your projects on time and on budget. Often the projects and work we take on are large, technically complex and resource constrained. In these environments achieving success can be uncertain. But, with Infiniti’s results-centered, qualified staff, our clients have a track record of successful engagements that is well documented.



For years, Infiniti leaders Scott Sanders and John Gray have shared a friendship based on respect, integrity, shared beliefs and common goals. Eventually they joined forces to build Infiniti into a successful consulting and technology services company head-quartered in California.

In 1996, Sanders managed the Information Management Bureau at Franchise Tax Board (FTB) when Gray was the technical architect with American Management Systems (now CGI). Under Sanders and Gray’s leadership they partnered to build a team that created the first data warehouse at FTB.

After 13 years at FTB, Sanders left his role as CEAII and joined the private sector as a Director with Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP). Around the same time, Gray left a high-tech e-commerce start-up in San Diego to return to Sacramento and joined VIP as their CTO. While in San Diego Gray worked with Ziff Davis media on web services projects with PC Magazine, Yahoo Life and Extreme Tech.


Founded in 2004, Infiniti started with two state government contracts. Since then, the company has grown and flourished to serve numerous government and private sector clients throughout the western United States. In 2015 Infiniti reached an inflection point and added a key new executive in Scott Drossos. He joined in the fall of 2015 with an aim to applying his broad experience and expertise to help direct the company’s growth and expansion to new markets and technologies.

Drossos’ career has taken him through the rank and file of technology and services, including key executive roles at Xerox, Pearson, Apple PowerSchool, and McGraw Hill. Early in his career, Drossos helped build a tech start-up, MC2 Learning Systems, from inception to a multi-million dollar software company serving millions of users across the globe. His success in technology and services across a diverse range and size of businesses has helped to focus Infiniti on its core strengths, while accelerating it into adjacent strategic areas with the likes of its new AWS cloud services practice (infiniticloud.com).

Like-minded, skilled, hardworking people are the core of Infiniti. Much like Scott and John’s enduring personal values, Infiniti continues to embody the simple, founding principles: Hire great people, treat clients like family, and have fun.


It’s not uncommon to get the question, “Is your company named after the car brand?” The answer, simply, is no. In fact, the story touches a bit closer to home. When Infiniti was founded, Gray and Sanders both had young families. As with many children at the time, the favorite movie of their kids was the immensely popular Toy Story. So it should come as no surprise that seemingly every evening the rallying cry of Buzz Lightyear was loud and clear: To infinity and beyond!

For Gray and Sanders, the decision was easy. There was no better motto for their start-up endeavor. The “y” was changed to an “i” and their company name was born. Just like in Toy Story, Infiniti has its own versions of Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, Hamm, the Potato Heads-and of course Slinky Dog. In the same way those fictional characters took care of their beloved Andy, the experts at Infiniti Consulting Group take care of their partners by helping them deal with change, collaborating on new projects, and guiding the development and implementation of the latest technology.

Infiniti is a Proud Member of The InterVision Family.

For over 25 years, InterVision has delivered innovation through a broad portfolio of IT managed services, best-premise solutions, professional services, cloud solutions, automation and consulting services that organizations need to thrive in today’s dynamic IT market. Regional headquarters are in Santa Clara, CA and St. Louis, MO, as well as offices and datacenters in the Central and Western U.S.