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ERP Migration to the Cloud: The Fusion of AWS and Banner 9

ERP Migration to the Cloud:
The Fusion of AWS and Banner 9

One of the major draw points for AWS is its ability to integrate with so many third-party applications. Infiniti’s team of cloud experts are dedicated to keeping up to date with new innovations and training opportunities to ensure that we are prepared to handle any new DevOps opportunities that the organizations we serve may require. One such opportunity arose with the cloud enablement of Banner 9.

Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD), who was already a Banner solution user, tasked Infiniti with designing and building out two Banner 9 environments within the AWS Cloud. VCCCD also wanted to ensure that both environments be architected to allow for future growth and re-usability of automated build scripts as future AWS Cloud Banner 9 environments are created for test, pre-production, and production.

Steps taken to ensure the smooth transition of Banner 9 solution included:
• Preparing the core servers and services according to VCCCD requirements
• Migrating databases
• Building servers
• Automating the Application Deployment pipeline
• Implementing SSO with Banner 9
• Implementing New Relic as the monitoring solution

By Infiniti migrating Banner 9 to AWS, VCCCD now benefits from fully automated, continuous integration and delivery pipelines for multiple applications. VCCCD now experiences zero-downtime deployments, autoscaling, and savings on technical costs. In addition to this, there is now enterprise wide, fully automated application and infrastructure performance monitoring built in. Infiniti will be working with VCCCD to support ongoing efforts to implement CIS Standards and NIST security standards.

AWS Cloud services utilized in this project:
• EC2
• Boto – AWS Python Library
• Route 53
• EFS Shared File System
• S3
• Cloudwatch
• Cloudtrail
• Cloud Formation Scripts
• Cloud9 – AWS Code IDE in the cloud to develop and test Python scripts.
• Application Load Balancers
• Auto-Scaling and load-balancing across AZs
• KMS – All data volumes are encrypted
• SSM – We follow best practices and store credentials in AWS’ Parameter Store.

3rd Party Products/Tools utilized in this project:
• Docker
• New Relic
• Github
• Jenkins
• Rancher - Container Management

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