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Technology Integration and Educational Innovation

Rural students to benefit from a coordinated plan for technology integration and educational innovation

Winters Joint Unified School District (WJUSD) serves a rural area west of Sacramento made up of the city of Winters and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Yolo and Solano counties. Approximately 1630 students attend kindergarten through high school in the district. WJUSD has a strong commitment to inspiring and cultivating student success and maintains a deep engagement with parents and the community at large. They prioritize education best practices and broad support for all children to be successful. And, WJSUD places high expectations on their accountability to this success. In their core curriculum they focus on family support, inclusion and diversity, options for different learners, resources for teachers, and technology for all. Their passionate teachers and staff, showing a true esprit de corps, had adopted these edicts whole-heartedly. On the technology side, this lead to a patch-work quilt of digital resources among the different schools and a variety of application plans which didn’t necessarily mesh.

Infiniti provides WJUSD with a cohesive digital learning and teaching plan

WJUSD’s superintendent sought help to create a cohesive and coordinated plan for integrating technology in their schools. Infiniti conducted a comprehensive digital readiness assessment of the entire district to establish a baseline understanding of its technical capabilities, leadership and teacher readiness. The WJUSD leadership team unanimously agreed with the findings and adopted the recommendations. The comprehensive analysis and recommendations were used by WJUSD to execute an effective and coordinated digital conversion plan. Infiniti’s expertise provided the roadmap for WJUSD to build a connective district-wide digital teaching and learning platform with the support of staff, teachers and parents.

WJUSD’s ongoing success

WJUSD continues to deploy technology to its teachers and students — including a variety of devices, operating systems, wireless network infrastructure, online curriculum, online assessments, Google Tools, and Learning Management Systems and Apps.

WJUSD is committed to their communities, and Infiniti is committed to providing collaborative consulting and technology services and solutions to clients both big and small.

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