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Proof of Concept: AWS Storage Gateway in Education

Posted: August 15, 2019

As organizations become interested in the utilizing the cloud, they can become overwhelmed by the nearly endless offerings the cloud can provide. Infiniti understands this and as a leading cloud service provider can provide organizations with the guidance needed to navigate this new frontier. To help organizations understand how the cloud can meet their specific needs, Infiniti can provide proof-of-concepts. After initial proof-of-concepts, Infiniti can also provide organizations with more targeted engagements that focus on a subset of the options that best fit their specific needs.

Client Objective:
Sierra College (Sierra) serves over 18,000 students and 1,300 employees across 4 campuses in Northern California. Sierra was interested in utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a part of their backup storage solution. Their critical need required storing their main ERP backups offsite in the event of critical hardware failure or disaster, as there were no existing offsite backups.

Proposed Solution:
Infiniti was asked to provide a solution that would accommodate the backup and disaster recovery needs for their ERP application. Infiniti determined that the most beneficial and expedient solution for Sierra would be to implement Storage Gateway, as this AWS service can be used for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud bursting, storage tiering, migrations, etc. Infiniti designed and worked with Sierra’s team to deploy a Storage Gateway virtual appliance on-premises with the required minimum hardware and network firewall settings and deployed a working proof-of-concept. Within hours of deployment, Sierra’s database administrator was successfully copying their ERP backups to S3.
This proof-of-concept included:
• AWS Account Creation: Infiniti created a new account in AWS for subscription of services and provided necessary hardware/network requirements to Sierra for the Storage Gateway.
• Storage Gateway: Infiniti worked with Sierra to deploy a Storage Gateway virtual appliance and mount the NFS shares on their systems.
• Storage/S3 Bucket Setup: Storage provisioning and IAM roles created.
• Data Migration/Initial Upload: Infiniti assisted with the initial upload of Sierra’s ERP data.

Project Outcome:
Infiniti’s delivery of a proof-of-concept with AWS Storage Gateway provided Sierra with a clearer picture of how AWS can be utilized to help them reach their Business continuity and Disaster Recovery goals. By the end of this project, Sierra observed the benefits of adopting AWS, and the seamless execution of Infiniti sparked greater confidence within Sierra’s team to adopt additional cloud services.

AWS Services Utilized:
• AWS Storage Gateway
• AWS Storage/S3
• AWS Glacier

Third Party Applications or Solutions Used:
• Oracle RMAN Backup

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