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Infiniti serves clients with big visions and even bigger ambitions, and we're always looking for people with the same blend of drive and passion. Project managers, analysts and technical specialists are always encouraged to apply.
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From team members to top vendors, become part of the Infiniti family

At Infiniti, we look for the best and brightest minds to take our clients to the next level. Our technology experts and seasoned business consultants are passionate about finding innovative solutions and top outcomes for our clients — it’s our sweet spot.

Work at Infiniti is focused on more than just a paycheck. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who work hard, are team players, and are focused on client satisfaction. We empower and reward our employees to exceed client expectations. We share our success and give credit where credit is due to employees and partners alike. We strive to add value to our clients and always have their best interests in mind.

Work and Life at Infiniti

At Infiniti, we value individualism. We believe it is diversity of skill, lifestyle, and experience, tempered with collaboration and respectful feedback that drives innovation. Plus, you can’t bring your A-game everyday unless you have the time and support to refill your spirit and energy through the pursuit of your own interests, your family time and your community endeavors.

Our investment in education, leadership opportunities, certifications and designations relevant to the work Infiniti does advances career potential and job satisfaction. Infiniti is committed to a quality-time approach to the work-life balance intersect. Through programs like our charitable contribution match, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting our employees’ values.

Our culture encourages developing positive personal relationships, family inclusiveness and opportunities to socialize outside of the demands of project deadlines. Our mantra is “make working at Infiniti the best years of your career life.”

If you are ready to innovate, collaborate and excel, we would like to talk to you.