IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Increase your profits and productivity with an optimized IT network

Managing technology initiatives is always a challenge regardless of size or scope. What’s most important? What comes next? How does it all work together? The difference between success and failure can hinge on the slightest detail. Infiniti helps you navigate this complex environment — balancing strategic planning with tactical implementation. Today’s cutting-edge technology offers a competitive advantage to organizations smart enough to seize the opportunity. What kind of business are you operating? One leading the way into the future or one reacting to the past? Infiniti works with you to ensure your technology enables your success.

Network Assessments

There is more to your network then hardware and software. Cables, telecom, ethernet, partners and providers all play a pivotal role in the infrastructure you rely on to operate each and every day. Infiniti offers 360-degree network assessments to not only catalog and chronicle each and every piece of your network, but also recommend best practices and future-plans to optimize your technological infrastructure from top to bottom. A network assessment from Infiniti means enhanced organization for your organization.

Unauthorized users; security flaws; poorly configured devices that cause bottlenecks — these are just a few of the issues and problems present in nine out of 10 corporate networks. Why? Because full-time network engineers are a luxury most small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford. Infiniti initiates ongoing network performance tests to make sure your environment is running at an optimal level at all times. Our team of specialists will develop clear, comprehensive reports identifying network issues and weak spots with sensible recommendations for resolving urgent network security and performance issues as well as suggestions for improvements.

Our network assessment reports include:

  1. A summary of your overall risk score, with easy-to-follow visual aides detailing problem areas and conflicts
  2. Best-Practices Deviation Report of pressure-point issues that warrant further investigation
  3. Inventory of network devices (routers, printers, PCs, servers and more), including rogue devices operating on your network without authorization
  4. Network access weaknesses (e.g. outdated permissions or insecure passwords)
  5. Inventory of installed applications and software licenses
  6. Inventory of servers (Web, Exchange, SQL) and recommendations for better configuration and management

With this knowledge in hand, we’ll work together to make strategic and tactical decisions regarding network upgrades and updates. You’ll have a permanent, in-depth record of your existing network setup to reduce the cost and complexity of resolving network issues. Infiniti can even provide your organization with a cost-effective action plan for achieving the improvements you desire.

Network Architecture

The modern office is no longer desktops and servers in the same building. Tablets, smart phones, telecommuters, and laptops mean your network is more diverse than ever before. Are you managing these devices or are they managing you? Infiniti can help design and plan a network deployment of any size that scales with your future growth. Our network architecture and design team specializes in implementing efficient and secure networks across your entire business. From wireless access provisioning to broadband management strategies and cloud computing, we can optimize your network without sacrificing stability or security. Our innovative solutions offer increased efficiency and performance at reduced cost. Infiniti can provide you the connectivity speed and security your organization needs.

Network Security Audits

The risks are real. But do you know exactly where you are weak and vulnerable to intrusion or attack? Today most business operations require open, interconnected networks which lead to even greater security risks. IT departments struggle to keep up with daily security challenges in the face of decreased budgets and resources. Advanced, targeted malware attacks are succeeding in data theft now more than ever. How are you supposed to plan for the future when you don’t even have a clear understanding of where your network can be stronger and more secure? Infiniti understands you want to do more than just identify security weaknesses within your network. You want to eliminate them. Our Network Security Audits will expose existing security weaknesses and give meaningful, prioritized remediation recommendations to help you improve security, protect valuable business information assets, and satisfy compliance and audit requirements simultaneously. Infiniti’s network architecture and design team can ensure firewalls are properly configured and deployed to protect your entire network from a variety of threats. From setup to rules management, we implement the controls to keep your IT infrastructure safe at all times. Infiniti can also build out segregated and separate networks to further protect mission critical or non-public data sets. Your environment will always operate at peak efficiency without sacrificing the security and stability you require.


Whether virtualizing a single application or an entire data center, Infiniti provides your organization with the expertise needed to plan and install the optimal solution. Our team can work side-by-side with your in-house IT personnel, or deliver an entire virtual solution independently, depending on your needs. Our innovative technicians can implement customized virtual solutions of all sizes in a variety of environments. We understand that your needs are unique and will tailor a virtual solution that fits those specific needs.

Server Virtualization

Expensive hardware that consumes outsized resources is a thing of the past. Today’s IT environment is all about resource utilization, agility, and scalability. Eighty percent of businesses plan on virtualizing servers within the next two years. Server virtualization allows your organization to leverage powerful computing power without huge hardware costs or electricity bills. Underutilized in-house servers or low-cost, high-power hosted servers mean that your business can deploy a robust network with efficiency and ease. Infiniti can quickly deploy a dynamic virtual environment to power your organization towards the future at a fraction of your current cost.

Server Consolidation

Most organizations are underutilizing expensive hardware and don’t even realize it. Infiniti can help consolidate your servers and IT assets, saving you up to 90 percent on consumption costs like electricity and bandwidth. Let Infiniti streamline your data center and reduce your server hardware by up to 80 percent without any performance degradation. Our team can help you responsibly manage infrastructure utilization and growth so every dollar spent on your network has a positive and demonstrable return on investment.

Disaster Recover and Backup Strategies