Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Optimizing your IT assets and protecting against incident is our specialty

From natural disasters to hard drive failures, severe business interruptions are more common than you might think. Intrusions and viruses can be equally destructive and leave your business in dire straits. Infiniti understands you want to do more than just identify security weaknesses within your network — you want to eliminate them. Our network security solution identifies existing security weaknesses and gives meaningful, prioritized remediation recommendations to help you improve security, protect valuable business information assets, and satisfy compliance and audit requirements simultaneously.

Network Security Challenges

Business operations increasingly require open networks interconnected with partners, service providers, and other third parties. Our team can help you integrate with these third parties without degrading performance or compromising network security.

IT departments, challenged with reducing expenses and increasing productivity, struggle to keep up with daily security. Our team can augment the efforts of your existing team to address the changing landscape of security vulnerabilities.

Financially targeted malware attacks are becoming more advanced and successful at defeating existing security. Our enterprise class intrusion prevention tools keep your network safe from malware, spyware, and hackers.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategies

Reliable asset protection is critical in today’s business world. Your hardware and data must be protected from an unforeseen and unfortunate event. Infiniti will implement a disaster recovery and data backup strategy that makes sense for your business. A comprehensive plan means you can be back up and running while the competition struggles to recover.

Infiniti Business Continuity Planning means:
-Reduced stress about impending disasters in an unpredictable world
-No more dependence on unreliable systems like manual backups
-Security and safety for customer and non-public data
-Quick recovery, so any incident does not leave you out of operation for long
-Comprehensive protection for your entire data set

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