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California Department of Water Resources (DWR) – AWS Data Archival solution

Client Objective:  

Due to government policy regarding data retention, the California Department of Water Resources was beginning to reach the capacity of the on-premise storage. There was 500TB of data that was not being accessed frequently, but that needed to be securely stored. Investing in additional physical structure to store this and incoming data would have been a costly investment that would need to be repeated in the future with any needs for an increase in capacity. There was a concern for the overall costs of following this path.

In addition to basic storage needs, this project required a solution to back-up DWR’s infrastructure to the cloud so they could leverage their NetApp storage for other data needs. Their existing solution leveraged existing hardware to function as the Commvault Media Agent for both compression/dedup and transfers to cloud storage, as well as a virtual server on their VMware environment to serve as the management console.


DWR contracted with Infiniti for a solution that was an Integration with AWS Cloud Service (Backup/Restore) that leveraged a hyper converged platform, eliminating the dependencies on third party hardware, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Before moving the data to AWS S3, Commvault is used for deduplication of the data. The 500 TB’s of infrequently accessed data was then to be moved to the cloud where it could be securely stored for the required period. By using AWS Simple Storage Solution (S3), DWR was able to securely house current government data and increase capacity for future data without financially investing in additional physical structures leading to an overall lower spend.

Prior to leveraging AWS, the DWR had 500TB of backup data stored on an on-premise NetApp storage appliance. While this may have been practical previously, especially with NetApp’s deduplication, in the age of cloud this storage use case is considered both expensive and risky. Having to abide to the agency’s retention policy, and their data footprint only increasing, Infiniti helped DWR move the infrequently used data to S3 & Glacier employing the compression, deduplication, and data management solutions from Commvault, a magic quadrant leader in the BCDR space. This introduced various solutions, such as 1) moving cold/archived data offsite for an improved backup methodology; 2) offload the data footprint from the NetApp to AWS so that the storage appliance may be used for other critical workloads that remain on-premise – essentially extending the ROI; and 3) provide the ability to restore those backups in AWS as EC2 instances for testing, development, etc.


Prior to using AWS for their backup storage needs, they were using the NetApp for backup data and one of the issues they were coming up against is running out of storage capacity on the device. So by moving the backup data off to AWS they were able to continue to use the NetApp for other production workloads – essentially allowing them to extend the life of the NetApp w/o having to procure additional hardware.

By integrating with AWS and utilizing Infiniti’s 3rd Party partnerships, DWR received a cost effective and secure data solution. Deduplicating the data with Commvault allowed for a smaller data footprint once the data reached AWS S3, which also contributed to reducing costs. DWR was now able to securely house their data, per government policy, and were prepared for cost effective future data needs.

AWS Services Utilized:

  • AWS Simple Storage Solution (S3)

Third Party Applications or Solutions Used:

  • Commvault
  • NetApp

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