Delivering AWS Cloud Services to CA Community Colleges Tech Center

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Delivering AWS Cloud Services to CA Community Colleges Tech Center  

The California Community College (CCC) system is comprised of 113 colleges, spread across 72 community college districts throughout the State of California. The CCC’s comprise one of the largest higher education systems in the world and serve 2.5 million students across the State of California.

The California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC) is an organization with the CCC that is focused on delivering scalable technical services and software development. CCCTC’s team work on a multitude of services, projects and technical solutions, many of which involve high availability, highly secure, custom applications deployed at scale to meet the necessary demand of their California Community College Student base.

Infiniti provides cloud architecture development services for CCCTC as part of its DevOps services contract with CCCTC, that is currently scheduled to continue at least through 2021. CCCTC wishes to migrate its entire production environment to a new AWS cloud architecture over the next 2 years. The cloud architecture design and migration strategy includes the following elements:

  • Consolidation of multiple data center environments including RackSpace and on-premise to a redundant AWS production environment.
  • Cloud Formation
  • Elasticity (EC2, ELB)
  • Stateless componentry
  • Infrastructure automation (autoscaling)
  • Docker container deployment
  • Security Management
  • RDS (high availability)
  • Multiple availability zones

Infiniti’s partnership with AWS, along with our engagement at the California Community College Technology Center will spotlight some of the most globally progressive cloud services approaches and applications applied in education. The Infiniti/AWS combination will enable CCCTC to deliver more seamless and student-friendly access to courses, instructors and support resources than ever before. All of this will be done at scale, delivered for lower cost and higher system efficiency.

"We're pleased to select Infiniti as our cloud services partner to help with the important work of implementing a more flexible, scalable, efficient and secure cloud based services architecture. We went through a rigorous public RFP process and the Infiniti/AWS bid was the strongest. Infiniti demonstrated that it is a highly qualified, progressive and skilled cloud services organization." - Tim Calhoon, Executive Director of the CCCTC

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