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Data Mining and Reporting

Mission-critical data mining and reporting needed for 12 districts, 22K employees and $11B

When your department manages 50 thousand miles of roadway, 400 public-use airports, and public transportation for the largest state in the Union, you’ve got a lot of pressure. Your legislature and constituents expect you to spend state funds and manage your resources with transparency and accuracy. And, your money management systems need to be not only secure, but intuitive to use for over 22 thousand employees. That’s Caltrans — the California Department of Transportation. They had a new accounting program, but it wasn’t easy to use. The information necessary to meet their accountability protocol was there, but existing culture and human resource was having a difficult time accessing it. Caltrans sought-out the change management experts at Infiniti to help them implement their new system across their districts. But that turned out to be just the beginning. Even if their departments embraced the new ERP, accessing the correct data wasn’t intuitive and interpreting that data was laborious and time consuming.

Infiniti balances change management with a custom technology enhancement

Infiniti effectively listened to feedback from hundreds of Caltrans employees regarding their new ERP system. Employees from maintenance, to procurement, to finance, helped Infiniti’s team of change management experts identify 324 outstanding issues. During this process, it came to light that the majority of the issues were centered on the new system’s ability to report financial data necessary to make critical, time sensitive decisions.

Infiniti was uniquely equipped to look at and address the over-arching organizational issues, and was able to tailor a strategy for change, and develop a long-term technical solution. Our technology experts worked with Caltrans to architect, design and deploy a business intelligence data mart, called Datalink, to meet their financial reporting objectives. The sophisticated program provided the ability to interface to the ERP system, with no impact to the nightly cycle, and it populated the data mart with clean and accurate data, making it easy for the end user to interpret and utilize their data.

Caltran’s ongoing success with Datalink

Today Datalink is the financial reporting tool used all across Caltrans. Caltrans uses the system extensively to mine data and identify savings and financial discrepancies. The development of the data mart includes custom built data cleansing tools and an efficient Extract Transfer and Load (ETL) process. The user interface is developed in java/java script using an open architecture that allows Caltrans to create various views of the data. These views enable Caltrans to report on each dollar spent and reconcile to the federal, state, and local governments.

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