Data Analytics / Machine Learning

Data Analytics / Machine Learning

Infiniti is into data analytics and machine learning. Data is increasing exponentially at a rapid pace and our customers aspire to use their data for a myriad of purposes. Whether it’s designing an algorithm to personalize services for your customers, provide better and more timely insights, reducing fraud, or something else, Infiniti can help with your data analytics and machine learning needs.

Infiniti Strategy

New tools that leverage robust, highly scalable and efficient cloud architectures allow all sizes of organizations to tap into big data analytics.

Infiniti will work with you to:
  • Assess and optimize your data collection capabilities
  • Ensure your data storage capabilities are optimized for both cost efficiency and intended purpose – be it structured or unstructured data
  • Processing and analyzing your data so it can be consumed and deliver its intended and real time meaning. We achieve this by using off the shelf cloud services tools to data scientists’ application of complex custom algorithms
  • Data visualization for easy consumption is key and we aim to make that possible by using a range of data visualization tools that match your requirements – be they predictive or prescriptive.

AWS Tools and Approach

Infiniti utilizes AWS EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) as the core of our big data tools. EMR is really a Hadoop and Spark ecosystem that includes tools such as Hive, Hue, Zeppelin, PySpark and others that allow for highly efficient processing of data. AWS S3 is used as the underlying file system that supports the overall data lake architecture. AWS has made a number of enhancements to S3 specifically for big data processing. Infiniti also uses the latest AWS tools (released in November 2016) including Athena for writing SQL directly against files in S3 – this allows for direct access to data in files using SQL without the need for any type of SQL query. The result is a highly data profiling tool. Infiniti is also using AWS QuickSight that provides sophisticated data profiling for 1/10th of the cost of other tools. We are also starting to use AWS Glue which is currently still in preview mode but will be generally available later in 2017.