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California Department of Tax & Fee Administration – AWS Disaster Recovery Solution

Client Objectives:

The Department of Tax & Fee was looking to update their current disaster recovery (DR) plan from replicating citizen and agency data offsite in a DR location to instead replicating the data in the AWS cloud. Each type of data/application needed a different storage solution. Some of the agency’s data, such as citizens’ tax information from 5 years ago, needed to be accessed infrequently while other data would need to be accessed daily by both employees and citizens. As a California government agency, Department of Tax & Fee is also required to retain the copies of their Splunk logs for a term of 7 years. The storage for the Splunk logs needed to be scalable to accommodate volume fluctuations.


Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, Infiniti provided a multilevel storage solution based on how frequently the data would be accessed. New data (0-1 years) remained on-site, while less frequently accessed data was moved to an AWS storage solution. At year 2, data would be moved from on-site to AWS Simple Storage Solution (S3) - GovCloud (US), and from years 3-7 would be moved to AWS Glacier - GovCloud (US). Department of Tax and Fee currently requires storage for 20TB’s of data, but anticipates the GovCloud account to grow rapidly over the next 3 years.


Infiniti delivered a highly effective AWS DR environment including the following:

  • S3 Storage for Splunk logs
  • S3 Lifecycle to move logs to glacier after 3years
  • S3 Storage for Veeam backups

AWS Services Utilized: 

  • AWS S3 - GovCloud (US)
  • AWS Glacier - GovCloud (US)
  • AWS – File Storage Gateway GovCloud (US)
  • CloudFormation

Third Party Applications or Solutions Used:  Splunk, Ruby, Github

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California Department of Tax & Fee Administration