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CDT Selects Infiniti as AWS Cloud Provider for California Agencies

California Department of Tech selects Infiniti as sole provider of AWS cloud storage solutions.

CDT has realized that streamlining the process between state agencies and technical experts is one way to make transition periods run smoother. One such transition that can be seen recently is virtually all state government agencies and local government entities are moving some or most of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. With this in mind, CDT released an RFP for the Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS) contract which was pursued by all of the major cloud services companies and their partners.

In April of 2017, through a competitive bid process, Infiniti was selected by CDT as the sole provider of AWS cloud storage solutions for all Government entities in California. VHSS, which is a 7-year agreement, has gone into effect and Infiniti has already begun contracting with several prominent California agencies to develop and implement their custom AWS storage solution. The agreement allows any California government agency, department or government funded entity to procure directly from the CDT VHSS contract. The contract covers all types of AWS cloud storage solutions and scenarios and will allow California government customers to leverage the AWS cloud for all of their cloud storage needs.

As a consequence of Infiniti’s AWS cloud storage knowledge and experience, many California agencies have contracted with Infiniti under the CDT VHSS agreement. Infiniti works with each individual agency’s unique requirements to configure and deploy an AWS cloud storage solution that fits their unique needs. Infiniti strives to make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible by having the ability to handle an agency’s cloud migration; from conception and planning to testing and deployment to maintenance.

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