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California Housing Finance Agency – AWS Migration

Client objectivdes:

The California Housing Finance Agency was created during the sub-prime housing crisis around 2008 to help support Californians who were at risk of losing their homes. The agency has played an important role in stabilizing the state’s economy during that difficult time. CalHFA’s business requirements are similar to those of any financial lending institution with the primary difference being that the government is the lender in this case. CalHFA has an on-premises platform, but needed to move its operation to the cloud to memorialize its confidential lending agreements and related data. Under the current governor, CalHFA has stopped lending to new clients and is now in the mode of maintenance and reduction of the state’s related overhead responsibilities. Ultimately CalHFA is reducing the size of its physical operation and staffing levels. AWS was the best path forward to achieve these efficiencies and maintain secure access to all of its confidential data.

CalHFA was on-premises and needed to move production services to AWS prior to the completion of their data center lease.  CalHFA was looking to reduce their carbon footprint and affordably and efficiently preserve their clients’ mortgage application data.

 Solution:  The objective of this project was to support the CalHFA IT team to design, architect, and implement an efficient and effective AWS cloud architecture and strategy.

  • Infiniti Professional Cloud Services included
  • Cloud Services Project Management
  • Assessment of the current IT environment and infrastructure
  • New architecture recommendations
  • Architecture and design implementation
  • Security evaluation and recommendation
  • Development, implementation and support
  • Assess and configure storage and DR solutions
  • DevOps application support
  • SysOps monitoring and alerts


  • Infiniti successfully implemented all the above bullet points and exceeded customer requirements.
  • Infiniti provided client with a detailed AWS target architecture, and an efficient and executable project management schedule.
  • Infiniti allowed CalHFA to improve visual customization / monitoring alerts using AWS SES providing an improved solution vs. original design doc.

AWS Services Utilized:

  • WorkSpaces
  • EBS
  • S3
  • Glacier
  • Storage Gateway
  • Directory Services
  • WorkDocs
  • SES
  • VPC
  • DaaS
  • AWS Microsoft AD
  • EC2
  • EC2 dedicated hosts
  • EC2 reserved instances
  • AMI
  • CloudTrail

Third Party Applications or Solutions Used:

  • Cloud Ranger
  • Cloud Berry

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