Eliminating Systems Downtime

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Carollo Engineering

National engineering firm improves productivity by eliminating systems downtime

You’re a nationwide firm with 800 plus employees and 39 offices. You’ve got to keep everyone connected to your internal IT systems and resources, but you’re in areas where network or carrier options can be inconsistent. When an office experiences network issues with their local carrier, they lose access to their corporate network as well as their internet. Without these things, work can’t be done and employees are sent home causing a huge hit to productivity, project deadlines and employee morale.

That’s what was happening for Carollo Engineers. Carollo is the largest firm in the United States dedicated solely to water related engineering. They help municipalities, utilities, and special districts of all sizes navigate through the increasingly complex challenges of cost-effectively and sustainably protecting public health; meeting local, state, and federal regulatory requirements; protecting the water environment; and addressing public expectations. We think that’s pretty important. And, their civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental, and instrumentation and control engineers, as well as scientists, planners, architects, and CAD designers need a system that’s reliable.

Infiniti keeps Carollo connected and productive

Carollo needed a partner who understood their regional dynamics, could identify and convene the top consultants, and research the most cost-effective connectivity options for all of Carollo’s major offices nationwide. A prerequisite of the backup connection was that it could not be on the same infrastructure and/or backbone of the current, private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network provider. After the right service provider was found and services provisioned to each office, Infiniti utilized the latest network virtualization technology (e.g. Software Defining Network, or SDN) to design, configure, and implement an innovative and seamless, automatic failover solution to both the corporate and public Internet.

Carollo’s ongoing success

The staff, benefiting from the backup connection, are no longer interrupted by a network failure. The seamless integration means they do not experience any added stress, time delays or work loss. The changes have improved employee satisfaction and productivity, and the Carollo team no longer worries about the reliability of its network.